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Photo courtesy Mark Freeman

Lucy A. Snyder
Lucy A. Snyder
Lucy A. Snyder
Lucy A. Snyder

Fan Art

It’s pretty cool when you create something that inspires further creation. A few people have been sufficiently taken with my writing that they’ve made things based on it.

The first is Sara Larson of Spellcraft Beads; after reading Spellbent she made me a necklace with a sterling silver ferret pendant beside an “eye” made from a chrysoberyl bead:


The second is Fergus Ray Murray, who makes lots of neat little creatures out of polymer clay; after reading Installing Linux on a Dead Badger he decided to make a zombie badger USB flash drive:

fimo badger

fimo badger 2

At Penguicon in 2008, ACME Delivery presented me with my very own dead badger, complete with handmade toe tag:

image courtesy ACME Delivery