The Waste Lands

March 29, 2018 Lucy A. Snyder 0

Early on The Waste Lands (the third book in The Dark Tower series by Stephen King), protagonists Roland, Eddie, and Susannah encounter Shardik, a gigantic bear who […]

The Gunslinger

March 27, 2018 Lucy A. Snyder 1

The Gunslinger is the first novel in The Dark Tower, Stephen King’s classic, epic cross-genre series. It introduces the reader to the last gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, […]

On Being Nineteen

March 20, 2018 Lucy A. Snyder 0

When I started reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels, one of the things that resonated with me is his introduction, “On Being Nineteen”, which is included in […]

The Braided Novel

July 26, 2017 Lucy A. Snyder 0

It’s pretty easy to confuse a braided novel with a fix-up novel. What’s the difference? A braided novel follows multiple viewpoint characters, each of whom […]