Travel Review: Hotel Corot

Hotel Corot is located in Rome, Italy at Via Marghera 15/17. It is conveniently located near the center of the city and is just a short walk from the “Termini” rail station. I was pleased by my stay there, because it was very easy to go out walking and see many of the city’s sights from there, and several commerical tours will also pick you up there. In particular, the hotel is just to the east of Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore.

The hotel is joined at the hip with another hotel, and the two hotels share a staircase and an elevator. Some of the rooms are located behind the front desk and bar area, but the rest are on three floors above.

The rooms are very small by American standards, but they are clean and fairly comfortable. You do get a fair amount of traffic noise from the street below. The bathrooms are nice, but very small; you can stand in the middle and touch either wall easily with both hands. The shower stall folds up out of the way when you’re not using it; when it’s in place, it takes up most of the bathroom. Their built-in hair dryers are some of the oddest I’ve seen in my travels: they have a straight barrel and look more like hand vaccuums. You turn them on by pulling them away from the wall, and it’s easy to accidentally pull the nozzle off.

The downstairs lounge area is very nice, and all the furniture is chic and ultra-modern. I didn’t try the bar, but they look like they serve an entertaining array of drinks.

The hotel’s complimentary continental breakfast was a real bright spot. In most hotels, you just get breads, butter, and coffee, maybe some cereal. In addition to the standard fare, the Corot offered us a wide variety of cereals, milk, soft cheese wedges, fruit juices, yogurts, and a plate of sliced ham and cheese.

The hotel does not offer lunch or dinner, so you’ll just have to go out into the city and sample some of the many restaurants that are within walking distance of the hotel.

Oh, and you can bring your little dog, too, as pets are welcome at the Corot.

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