Origins Game Fair

Origins Game Fair

I’ll be participating in the Origins Game Fair this week as part of the Origins Library. The Library programming and author tables have moved to a new location. Previously, our signing tables were way in the back of the huge vendor hall, and our programming was tucked away in a room upstairs. This year, both will be in a spotlight area across from the main entrance of Hall A. This is the area where badge registration was last year.

This Year’s Featured Authors

Mercedes LackeyLarry DixonChristopher Bell
Jennifer BrozekTobias BuckellTracy Chowdhury
John HelfersCarlos HernandesAddie King
R. L. KingDaniel (Doc) MyersCat Rambo
Amanda RobinsonAaron RosenbergLucy Snyder
Mike UnderwoodGreg WilsonSarah Hans

My Programming Schedule


10am – 11am | Short Stories: How do you plot something that’s only 5k? How do you know it’s going to come out that long? Tips and tricks to crafting a good short story. | Lucy Snyder (M), Carlos Hernandez, Cat Rambo

4pm – 5pm | Next-level Worldbuilding for Prose or Gaming: Talking about power dynamics in worldbuilding, layering of history, cohesive/coherent worldbuilding that feels like it all connects, etc. | Lucy Snyder, Michael R. Underwood (M), Doc Myers


11am – 12pm | Crowdfunding: How do you get people engaged enough to pledge money for your project? And what do you do next? | Lucy Snyder, Gregory A. Wilson, Christopher Bell (M)


11am – 12pm | Collaboration: Logistics of collaborative writing, the creative benefits, challenges, etc. | Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Lucy Snyder, Carlos Hernandez (M), Tracy Chowdhury 

6:30pm – 7pm | Reading: Lucy reads from her recent fiction. | Lucy Snyder


10am – 11am | Ask the editors anything: Questions you were too afraid to ask when your story was on the line | Jennifer Brozek, Lucy Snyder, John Helfers (M)

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