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Fireside Quarterly

October 7, 2020 Lucy A. Snyder 0

The autumn issue of Fireside Quarterly (guest edited by Maurice Broaddus) is out! It includes my science fiction story “Navigational Error,” Jason Sanford’s story “Whistle […]

The Machine Stops

July 31, 2017 Lucy A. Snyder 0

E.M. Forster is not known as a speculative fiction author, but his story “The Machine Stops” (originally published in 1909) is an extremely good example […]

Themed Anthologies

July 25, 2017 Lucy A. Snyder 1

A themed anthology is a book-length work containing short stories, essays or poetry all written by different authors on the same theme, concept or topic. […]


June 30, 2017 Lucy A. Snyder 0

In fiction, the setting is the location where your story or novel takes place; setting includes elements such as geography, ecology, architecture, culture, and the […]

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Ellen Datlow

January 22, 2006 Lucy A. Snyder 0

Ellen S(ue) Datlow was born in 1949 and currently lives in New York City. She has been one of the most influential editors in the […]

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Joe Haldeman

January 22, 2006 Lucy A. Snyder 0

Noted science fiction author Joe Haldeman was born 1943 in Oklahoma City and spent most of his childhood in Anchorage, Alaska and Bethesda, Maryland, although […]