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Broken Eye Books is publishing my new serialized novel Blossoms Blackened Like Dead Stars. The serial continues where I left off in my contribution to their Lovecraftian space opera anthology Ride the Star Wind. Publishers Weekly praised my short story as “superbly creepy.”

This serial chronicles the adventures of Beatrice Muñoz and Joe Jorgensen as they travel through space on their quest to find and annihilate the spawn of Azathoth. But as they fight to protect the Earth from the ancient horrors lurking in deep space, can they retain their humanity and sanity? Or will they ultimately become monsters more fearsome than the spawn they set out to destroy? And what if Azathoth isn’t the only ancient malign god they have to face in the cold reaches of the cosmos?

My original story referenced Frankenstein and “Rappaccini’s Daughter” in addition to the Cthulhu Mythos. I’m planning to work with and update other themes from classic weird fiction. And of course, the story will deliver on the space opera adventure, interstellar battles, and cosmic horrors that my Ride The Star Wind story promised. I’m also going to make good use of the space science I learned at the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop last summer.

I love narratives that blend science fiction and horror. My goal for this novel is to create an immersive world and character-driven story that satisfies fans of both genres, and I hope my readers enjoy it.

The first part of the serial went up in February 2018 at Eyedolon Magazine with the reprint of the story that started it all, and they just posted Chapter Two, “The Flechette“.

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