Kepler artist image - Image credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/Tim Pyle

November 28, 2120

November 28, 2019 Lucy A. Snyder 0

These cranberries never graced a Massachusetts bog and frankly, they’re mostly rice syrup and cochineal. This extruded protein loaf only faintly resembles an authentic turkey […]

Do Not Go Quietly

May 29, 2019 Lucy A. Snyder 0

Last week, Apex Book Company released Do Not Go Quietly: An Anthology of Victory in Defiance. This anthology contains my poem “Permian Basin Blues” along […]

New online serial

July 1, 2018 Lucy A. Snyder 0

Broken Eye Books is publishing my new serialized novel Blossoms Blackened Like Dead Stars. The serial continues where I left off in my contribution to […]

The Machine Stops

July 31, 2017 Lucy A. Snyder 0

E.M. Forster is not known as a speculative fiction author, but his story “The Machine Stops” (originally published in 1909) is an extremely good example […]