Chiral Mad 4 on sale!

Chiral Mad covers

For the next five days or so, Chiral Mad 4, the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology I co-edited with Michael Bailey, is significantly on sale in ebook format. For instance, you can get it for just 99 cents at Amazon or B&N. The hardback is also heavily-discounted at some places. This promotion ends 01/15/2020.

The anthology includes:

“Somewhere Between the Mundane and the Miraculous” (introduction) by Gary A. Braunbeck & Janet Harriett
“How We Broke” by Bracken MacLeod & Paul Michael Anderson
“Fade to Null” by Brian Keene & Daniele Serra
“Asperitas” by Kristopher Triana & Chad Stroup
“Home and Hope Both Sound a Little Bit Like ‘Hunger'” by Seanan McGuire & Jennifer Brozek
“Golden Sun” by Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters & Michael Wehunt
“The Substance of Belief” by Elizabeth Massie & Marge Simon
“The Ghost of the Bayou Pitenn” by James Chambers, Jason Whitley & Christopher Mills
“The Long and the Short of It” by Erinn Kemper & F Paul Wilson
“The Wreck of the Charles Dexter Ward” by Sarah Monette & Elizabeth Bear
“Sudden Sanctuary” by Glen Krisch, Orion Zangara & Matt Stockwell
“Peregrination” by Chesya Burke & LH Moore
“Ghost Drawl” by Erik T. Johnson & J Daniel Stone
“Detritus Girl” by P. Gardner Goldsmith & Valerie Marcley
“Wolf at the Door” by Maurice Broaddus & Anthony R Cardno
“Firedance” by Jack Ketchum & Glenn Chadbourne
“In Her Flightless Wings, A Fire” by Emily Cataneo & Gwendolyn Kiste

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