Sister, Maiden, Monster Cover Reveal

Sister Maiden Monster Cover

Here’s the cover for my cosmic horror novel Sister, Maiden, Monster, which Tor Nightfire will release next February. The story is set in the aftermath of our planet’s disastrous transformation and told through the eyes of three women trying to survive the nightmare. For those who have been following my short fiction, the novel is a significant expansion of my Stoker-winning story “Magdala Amygdala.”


The cover was designed by Lesley Worrell. The artists who created the amazing image are Francisco Abril and Nuria Velasco, who go by the name Welder Wings.

Welder Wings started creating their stunning, dark digital collages about six years ago. Most of their work, like the image for my cover, falls in the general category of gothic surrealism. In an interview for Artist Connect, they said, “We are passionate about art in any of its facets and what we really like is to mix everything that pleases us into a new artwork.”


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