My Virtual NASFiC 2020 Schedule

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Starting tomorrow evening, I’ll be participating in several panels for the 2020 NASFiC, which will be held online from noon Friday, August 21st through Sunday, August 23rd. Here’s my schedule:

COVID-FX: Horror Beyond 2020

Friday 10:00 PM

But is there anything scarier than 2020? Horror inspired by the pandemic, quarantine, chaotic media narratives and other COVID-Effects.


COVID-FX Writing & Reading About Pandemics During a Pandemic

Saturday 10:00 AM

Panelists discuss pandemic stories they have written and are reading during COVID-times. Which begs the question: Is doing that even a good idea?


The Future of Anthologies

Saturday 11:00 AM

Our highly-regarded panel of editors discuss current trends in and future of anthologies.


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