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I and many other authors will be participating in Capricon in about two weeks. Capricon will be held entirely online through Discord and Zoom on February 4-7, 2021 (Central Time Zone). Here’s what the convention is about:

Science fiction and fantasy are all about envisioning futures yet to come and worlds that don’t exist. We are in a unique moment in time — The Great Pause, as some are calling it. We have an opportunity to make choices that will create the future we want to live in, from social change (Black Lives Matter) to technological change (digital surveillance) to economic change (income equality) and more. Capricon 41 will ask members of science fiction fandom, pros and fans alike, to draw on our experience with worldbuilding, envision what could be, and talk about how to get there.

You can register for the convention online; basic registrations are $10, although they do offer a no-cost registration option for those who have been having a hard time financially.

Here’s my schedule of events at the convention:

Thursday, February 4

Speculative Poetry Reading
Maple, 7pm – 8pm
Track: Reading
Division: Programming

This event will feature readings by speculative poets, including Guest of Honor Brandon O’Brien.

Saturday, February 6

Horror and Dark Fantasy Writing
Ravinia, 2pm – 3pm
Track: Writing
Division: Programming

Horror is making a come back in publishing. But Horror is really a diverse genre with many avenues of sub-genre publishing. From extreme splatterpunk horror to the more literary dark fantasy, there are so many kinds of horror to write. This panel will talk about the kinds of Horror, tips for writing it, and where to send it to be published.

Just enough…Or too much?
Ravinia, 6pm – 7pm
Track: Writing
Division: Programming

How much detail about history and world-building is enough to lend authenticity to your story without overloading your reader with too many details? Does getting into the weeds with your world make your characters suffer? How do you find the line as a writer, and can you cross over it?

The Power of the Short Story
Birch, 7pm – 8pm
Track: Writing
Division: Programming

A panel on what makes the short story such a potent form.

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